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La Forestal born in function a dream. the to achieve excellent quality in its products at a competitive price. From la forestal's conception, we have the pleasure to find us with challenges and great opportunities, allow us to grow year by year. We invite you to share our products and avail to your needs.


All the products are worked with high quality Argentine leathers. Vegetable tanned system. Ecological system. Quality being one of the pillars on which we rely, it has allowed us to continue looking for continuous improvement and thus satisfying the needs of our internal and external customers. The incorporation of the European technology, artisan quality of the saddler and the high quality of the eather, are the fruit of our products.

BKF Armchair and footrest

Created in 1938 , by the architects Antonio Bonet, Juan Kurchan y Jorge Ferrari, (BKF) gave the original name.
Conformity of structure built in solid round iron or stainless steel.


The saddles we make come from preformed wooden frames and reinforced with steel straps, which gives flexibility and resistance. Continuing with 100% Argentine leather of high quality and specialized labor with a trajectory of more than 20 years in mounts, allow us to offer an ideal product for the demanding ones.

All Product Income are products made with the highest quality in materials and subject to constant quality controls during the production process and finalized. The mount gives a 5-year warranty on wooden frames.


La Forestal offers a product with selected 100% Argentine leather, tanned under ecological process. Together with European technology and specialized labor, we achieve a unique product among its peers. We invite you to share our products.

Belts, wallets and others

La Forestal manufactures belts with 100% selected Argentine leather, through ecological tanning, obtaining a pleasant feeling to the touch by its fine completion. The embroidery is handmade by professional seamstresses in leather. The beautiful and varied designs together with high quality yarns allow us to offer attractive alternatives of choice in different widths (from 2.5 cm to 4 cm) Ideal for different uses, genres, seasons and ages.